Introduction: Breaking Heavy Textbooks in to Smaller Books for Easy Carrying.

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Teachers and students rejoice! If you have ever resented lugging a heavy back-breaking textbook around campus when all you really needed were a few dozen pages in said book this instructable is for you. You will turn a large text book into smaller individually bound mini-books that fit inside of the big book.

Step 1: Tear the Book in to Sections.

(Bibliophiles will have trouble with this step.) It's not recommended for older books as they may crack, but most modern textbooks are held together by glue. When you rip sections out of the book take care not to tear the pages. You also will want to start and end your sections on a chapter break. You will want about 120-300 pages per section, less will be too floppy... more will be too heavy.

Step 2: Make a Cardstock Cover for Each Section.

Cut 2 cardstock pieces to the same size as each of your torn-out sections. You might want to put the cardstock through a printer first to create a cover with the name of the textbook and chapters included in that section. 

Step 3: Bind and Tape the Section.

Using "bookbinding tape" bind the covers on to each section. Use some double-sided scrapbook tape on the first and last pages to hold the cover in place. (see image)

Step 4: Enjoy Taking Only the Sections You Need to Class!

Now you can take only the sections you need to class. You can store the sections you are not using in the book cover. A large rubber-band is useful for holding them all in place.

Thanks for reading this instructable!