Introduction: Breath of Fresh Air Chair

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Turning scrap into an easy to maintain garden feature

Step 1: Transforming the Chair

Upcycle a dinner chair I picked up off the street.

I removed the cushion part then painted it with Resene Test Pot, Colour: Studio

Measured how much chicken wire I would need, found some in our garden shed and twisted it together with re-enforcing wire also.

Step 2: Adding the Green

Lining the chicken wire with polythene plastic then filling with fresh potting mix.

I then took from my own garden, random succulents, leaving a space in the middle of the chair to place one of my winter boots that I have painted.

Step 3: Feature Boot

As it was now summer, I no longer needed to wear my winter boots. So I converted these into a center piece feature for the chair.

I painted garden themed art, also with a range of colours from the Resene Test Pots.

Step 4: Final Product - Chair Re-vamped

I made two of these chairs. One for my Mother and the other for my Mother-in-Law as Christmas presents.

I have upcycled the chair, reused the chicken wire and pulled from my garden the soil and plants. So happy to turn someone else's trash into my treasure. Loved working on this project.