Introduction: Breathing Monitor

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Breath monitor is a simple project that focus on an individual's breathing rate using the littleBits. This determines whether or not the individual is breathing. If the light does not go on the individual after for a long period, this will show that an individual is not breathing. If the light goes on and off this will signify that the individual is breathing. Hence the name breathing monitor using the light wire as the output.

Step 1: Tools to Be Used

The tools to be used for this project:

  1. Paper Cup
  2. Light wire
  3. Wire
  4. Sound Trigger
  5. Power supply

All the above items can be found in the Deluxe Kit of the littleBits.

Step 2: Setting Up

Setting up the project.

  1. Connect the Power to the Wire.
  2. Connect the Wire to Sound Trigger
  3. The Sound trigger should be connected to the wire and the Light wire

Make a small hole within the Paper Cup and cover it with tape to reduce any sound from entering the cupThe above image shows how the items should be connected.

Step 3: Testing Phase

After every item has being connected the right way , its time to test our project wether or not it works. This project does not require any coding. Switch on the Power, place your mouth over the cup and blow into it. Make sure you reduce the sensitivity of the sound trigger. The sensitivity should not be too low or to high just in the middle. If the light wire goes on and off as you breath then it works. if the their is no response go back to the previous step.

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