Breeding- Minecraft PC & Mac

Introduction: Breeding- Minecraft PC & Mac

This Is an Instructable on how to breed animals of all sorts on Minecraft.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

A carrot, used for pigs. Seeds, used for chickens. And wheat, used for sheep, and cows.

Step 2: The Pigs

Now right click with the carrot with each pig. Then you will see them "kissing" and out pops at baby piglet. Aww! You also get XP from taming.

Step 3: The Cows

Then you do the same as the pigs, only you will use the wheat.

Step 4: The Sheep

I bet you can guess what you do to breed the sheep. You guessed it! Do the same as the pigs and the cows, with the wheat.

Step 5: The Chickens

You guessed it again? You're a good guesser! You do the same as the pigs, sheep, and cows, only this time you use the seeds.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about posting how to download and install mods using Minecraft Forge. Please give me feed back on if you guys want it. Thanks!