Bright Sensor

Introduction: Bright Sensor

This project is to detect the brightness of the computer. If your computer is too bright, the LED light will shine and tell you that you should lower the brightness on your screen. Sometimes when you use the computer if the screen is too bright. It may hurt your eyes and cause forever damage. So I built this machine so it can care your eyes.


1 Arduino Leonardo

1 breadboard

7 wires

1 LED light

2 resistors

1 Photoresistance

1 40 cm Andriod transmission line

1 24cm x 12.5cm x 4cm cardboard

10cm x 5cm mobile charger

Double Sided Tape

Step 1: Build Your Arduino

Step 2: Code

Click on the website and you can see the code and what can you change.

Step 3: Make a Box

1. Take a 30cm x 30 cm

2. Each side requires a 3cm margin

3. fold it to a box.

4. tape each side

5. place the Arduino inside the box.

6. Make 2 holes, and make sure the LED light and the Photoresistance can go through.

Step 4: Place the Box in Front of Your Screen.

Check if your screen is too bright. Aim the Photoresistance in front of your screen. Then you can see if the LED light shines.

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