Introduction: Brilliant Angle Nail Trick From Old Carpenter

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after publishing this instructable i realized that the nail trick shown in it was quite unknown but appreciated by many.

Now it gets its own instructable and I dedicate it to the old swedish carpenter called Henry, that tought it to me a couple of years ago!

it makes nailing in angles much easier

the nail curves and will be almost impossible to remove - a incredibly strong connection.

Step 1: Bending the Nail

slightly bend the lower end of the nail between your hammers claw.

it should be an obtuse angle - the picture shows it very well.

Step 2: Nailed It!

hammer in the nail with the bend part down

- you start horizontally and the nail will move up by itself with every hit.

the gif shows how the nail moves under every hit of the hammer.

It was quite tricky to take pictures while hitting a nail ( yes, I missed once :D) - but it turned out ok ;)

Step 3: The Result

i split the joined pieces in order to show how the nail curves inside.

the result will be even better with longer nails - but i ran out of them ;)

if you're nailing a beam from both sides and with more than 1 nail on each side it'll become a very strong connetion.

I hope you find this instructable useful for your future projects!

feel free to vote for it!

Kudos to Henry - YOU NAILED IT!

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