Introduction: Bristle Bot

1 hard drive

2 male male wires

solider and soldiering iron

1 tooth brush

1 watch battery

1 roll of tape

glue gun with glue

hacksaw or cutter

Step 1: Remove Motor From Hard Drive

open up the hard drive and find the small motor, it should be connected to a small gear train.

Take the motor out of the hard drive and remove it carefully from the gear train.

Step 2: Solidering

solider the two male male wires on to the motor.

next solider a tiny drop of metal on one side of the motors axle

Step 3: Attaching Motor

first hot glue the motor to the top front of the tooth brush

next wrap the wires around the neck of the tooth brush so that there is about an inch of wire left at the end.

finally cut the end of the tooth brush off just at the middle of the body.

Step 4: Battery Attachment

tape the wires to the body where they are raped. do not rap tightly as it will be replaced later.

hold one wire on top of the wire attached to the side, glue this wire down with the hot glue gun.

put the battery touching it and glue the other wire pressing against the battery so it holds it tightly and powers and and glue that wire down. now the battery can be removed and placed to turn the bristle bot on and off. finally remove the tape around the wires and push them as close to the top as possible.


Step 5: Make It Go!

simply add the battery and the motor should spin, if there us too much drag and the end does not vibrate, make it shorter and flatten the bottom. if its unstable and keeps falling over, flatten the bottom and cut the bristles a little if needed. once its working you can simply remove the battery to turn it off. once the battery runs out simply buy a new one and put it in. Warning! bristle bot will not run on a low battery.

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