Bristle Bot Version 2

Introduction: Bristle Bot Version 2

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The title explains all , this post is about how to make easy bristle bot without falling or rotating the same path without moving like an insect.

If you look other videos about making bristle bot at the end there are not much videos about real working because the bot either move some distance and fall or it moves in a predicted motion.

Yeah as you think the bristle bot is something easy to build, when we got the right components , what if we want to use the components that available readily to do it?

Yes still you can do it but it won't give you the expected result.

Here I've made a bristle bot which can be built less than 2 minutes.

Step 1: Required Components

1x Tooth brush Head

3x LEDs or more if you'd like to glow it brighter

2x Button battery (3v).

1x vibrator

2x paper clips

glue and double sided tape

Step 2: How to Make This

step 1: cut the head of your toothbrush

step 2: add glue and place vibrator to the head.

step 3: add paper clips and make it look like its wings

step 4: add battery to it using double sided tape

step 5: Place LEDs to another battery in a shape that you like.

step 6: attach double sided tape to the LEDs and attach to the vibrator.

Step 3: Number of Attempts Made

Step 4: It Look Like an Insect , If You Don't Believe Check This

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