Introduction: British Flag Nail Art

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What you'll need:

Nail art brush
White Polish (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On)
Blue Polish (I used ALDO Sea You in Ibiza)
Red Polish (I used China Glaze Hey Sailor!)
Clear Topcoat (I used Seche Vite)

The steps:

1. Paint your nails with your white polish and let them dry.

2. With your red polish, draw a thick line down the center of your nail both horizontally and vertically.

3. In each empty 'quadrant', paint a diagonal red line, taking care to leave a small white border between the diagonal line and the initial crossed lines.

4. Next, take your blue polish and fill in the spaces between the red lines, making sure to leave a thin white border in between the blue and red.

5. Seal in your ace nail art with some clear topcoat, and congratulate yourself on how bloody brill you are! :-D