Introduction: Broad Head Arrow From Aluminum Foil

This Instructable will show you how to turn a simple roll of kitchen foil into a broad head arrow.
There is no need for a forge, as a simple kitchen gas hob or a BBQ is all that is required.

Step 1: Kitchen Foil

The key to using kitchen foil to create an aluminium blank is to remove the cardboard roll from the center. Using long nose pliers grip the cardboard roll in the center and pull out. You may need to do this a couple of times to fully remove the cardboard. Don't worry if you pull out a bit of foil too.

Step 2: Heat and Tap

Keep tapping the round roll with a hammer until it's flat.
Heat sections of the foil until almost glowing then repeatedly tap flat with the hammer.

Repeat this until the foil changes from a roll of foil to a blank of aluminum. This can be tested by tapping the cool blank on the hammer head. It should sound like a piece of metal when it's done (a ting noise rather than a donk noise).

Step 3: Keep Tapping

Keep tapping like you are a black smith, as this will harden the foil blank even more.
Don't worry about hammer marks. The blank should now feel like a solid bit of metal.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut of a section about 4" or 10 Cm long

Step 5: Shaping

Using a marker draw the arrow head shape on the blank.
Carefully cut the arrow head to shape

Step 6: Making and Edge

Carefully sharpen the edge of the newly cut arrow head.
I use wet stones that I have bought online.

Step 7: Putting the Head on the Shaft

I used an 18" or 0.5 meter dowel for the arrow shaft.
Sawing down the center of one end just long enough for the shaft of the arrow head.
Then, using garden string, the shaft was wrapped tightly to secure the arrow head

Step 8: Duct Tape Fetching ​

Cut a section of duct tape and fold it over so it joins together, leaving the edge section unfolded so that it's still sticky. This is the bit that will stick to the dowel (arrow shaft).
Repeat twice more (three in total) and attach to the shaft.

Trim the front edges of the duct tape from square to a 45 degree angle and the arrow is complete.

Step 9: Shooting

The arrow was shot into a sandbag.
As you can see the arrow went far enough to be a useful weapon and in the third image the head was totally undamaged. Meaning that you can make a usable broad head arrow from kitchen foil...