BroadBand Booster

Introduction: BroadBand Booster

For BroadBand Booster we need 3 things.
1. Coaxial cable
2. External antena(You can make your own at home with no cost)
3. Connector cable which can connct USB through the port of the BroadBand USB and the coaxial cable.

Step 1: Making of External Anetna

Just take a little Can . Make a little hole at the bottom of the Can. And enter the bear coaxial cable into the hole of the Can. As shown in image.

Step 2: Other End of the Coaxial Cable

Now you just take coaxial cable as long as you want . Now just put the other end of the cable into the broadBand USB port.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Do you mind telling us what the signal was like before boosting the signal? And after? It'd be nice to get a feel for the performance before trying it.