Introduction: Broke Artist Sketchbook

It's what the title suggests :)

Tuition is high and bank accounts are low, do what you gotta do.


Sketchbook Supplies

Sewing line (I used a thicker cotton one, because it might snap if you have a lot of paper)

Needle (Should match your sewing line)

Any size paper and as much as you want (I used 15 sheets A4)

Cardboard or thick paper for the cover. Or don't use one at all if you're daring.

Xacto knife


Bone Folder

Corner rounder, if you're fancy


Step 1: Fold Your Sheets Into a Single Stack of Signatures

Fold very precisely and make sure each sheet is flat.

If it's not, the whole sketchbook will be wonky.

If you have a corner rounder, punch the corners in now.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Cover to Your Sheet Dimensions

I used a cereal box for this evidently. Feel free to use whatever you got for the cover, or you can just go coverless if you want.
I made the cover the same size as A4 paper, you can add a bit of room for the cover to hangover if you want as well.

Step 3: (Option 1 Sewing) Draw in Landmarks, and Punch in the Holes.

The small space on the top and bottom is 2cm. This is so your book does not rip when sewing.

The distance for the FIVE holes is 4.25cm.

You can edit the measurements to whatever you want, but it just looks better organized :)) Use an awl or a needle to punch the hole, or whatever you got that is sharp. Note: When stabbing holes into the sheets, split the sheets so it's easier to poke through.

Step 4: (Option 2 Staples) Alternative Method for If You're 𝓛𝓪𝔃𝔂

Use about 3 to 5 individual staples, and pierce the holes according to the size of the staple. Make sure the staple fits and can reach to the inside of the book.


Insert the staples in and fold them on the inside by hand to finish it. YOU'RE DONE! CONGRATULATIONS!

Step 5: Sewing (Saddle Stitch)

I used 30 cm of sewing line and a large needle.

Tie a knot at the end of the line.

Start from the inside bottom of the book.

Weave your way through till you get to the last hole.

When you get to the last hole, do the exact same thing but on the outside of the book.

Once you get to the last LAST hole, go back so then you go back to the beginning.

Step 6: Tying the Knot (No Pun Intended)

Take the line and go under the stitch and go through the loop to tie it off.

Step 7: Cut the Hang Off

If the cover is the same size as the paper:

Using an xacto knife and a ruler

Slowly and Steadily, cut the edge off to match the cover.

If the edge comes out uneven, use a nail filer or sandpaper to even it out.

Put heavy books or whatever heavy things you have on top of the sketchbook to flatten it out.