Introduction: Broke Man's Tablet Stand

just a quick idea for a cheep (Free) tablet stand. i made it out of cardboard and duck tape how redneck can you get?

i used::
* cardboard box
*steak knife
*and a pencil

a couple notes::

1. i didn't take a pic of it but in my first one i added a small triangle of cardboard to the back inside of the base, it added stability but losses the ability to  fold. better if its being left on a desk. but not necessary if you are making this to travel

2. it lost a lot of stability / rigidity  from cutting and reattaching the center. i would  add a "spine" if i make another travel one. a third piece; about a half to quarter inch of cardboard added to the center when taping the two half's

3. the bottom needs to be at-least one inch thick for strength; or maybe go wider instead of taller; by adding two or more side by side. i didn't try this because i was making a second one for travel

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