Introduction: Broken Bowl to Catcus Plant Holder

Reuse your broken bowl and use it for something practical

Step 1: What U Need

Your broken bowl
Black Acrylic paint
Cold glue
Potting soil
White stone

Step 2: Preparation

Tear a piece of foil that will cover your bowl
Crumple your foil
Brush glue all over the foil

Step 3: Cover Bowl

cover the whole bowl and make sure it fits against the bowl nice snd snug
You want lots of creases and patterns

Step 4: Paint

paint your bowl with the black paint
wait for it to dry

Step 5: Run Down

Take a wet scourer and rub down your black paint
Continue until you are happy with your pattern
The black paint will stick to the foil creases and create beautiful patterns

Step 6: Plant

Add your potting soil and plants
Decorate with white stone

And you are done!!!
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