Introduction: Broken Gear Repair

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Simple way to fix broken gear

Step 1: Materials Needed to Fix Broken Gear

you need a plastic steel epoxy, Popsicle stick, any mixing medium for your epoxy mixture and brush and detergent soap or dish washing liquid.

Step 2: Cleaning

Be sure that your gear is free from oil and dust. use dish washing or powdered soap and brush to clean the gear

Step 3: Epoxy Mixture

mix the two compound and apply it on the broken area.

Step 4: Curing

wait for an hour to harden the epoxy, since the epoxy is not hard enough and the epoxy is flowing slowly, you need to monitor the flowing or moving of the epoxy not to stuck in one area of the gear

Step 5: Moulding the Teeth

After an hour the resin will going to be hard, just like a clay, position the new mold gear in its gear partner, then rotate slowly to adapt the teeth of the other gear by the way you need to put some grease on the other gear so that the epoxy will not stick to the other gear. rotate it slowly till the rotation will fit to each gear.

Step 6: Total Curing

remove the gear to the gear box assembly and cure it on a well ventilated area for a day

Step 7: Cured Epoxy Gear

Install the hardened gear in the gear box, assemble the parts. this gear part belongs to my meat grinder.

Step 8: Video