Introduction: Broken PC Mouse Wheel Repair

Repairing of broken mouse wheel in case mouse working but wheel moves loosely without scrolling function.

Technical skills: Low

Time consumption: aprox. 1hour


What would be needed:

Shop floor equipment:



hand-grinder with metal cutting disc


workshop vice

column drill

drill 1.1; 1.2 or 1.3mm

Parts needed to buy:

hex key 1/16 inch

Step 1: Disassembly

Most model of mouses has all screw in down side.

So put the mouse on the top. Remove the battery if needed. And find all screws.

(my tip: on some types you must remove plastic sliders photo2 - it can be carefully done with knife)

Unscrew all bolts. And open the mouse.

Step 2: Analysis

This instructables describe repair of broken small hex rod on mouse wheel.

Remove inner screws if needed.

Try if your hex key is properly suitable for counterpart.

(My experience is often you can use hex key 1/16 - but does not exclude different dimensions)

Step 3: Hole Making

Remove the wheel.

Now you need basics manual skills with drilling and plastics.

Plastic usually has a good machinability and is not difficult to drill new hole.

For drilling use one of drills listed above.

Keep the centre precisely. Small mistake has big impact on mouse useability

(Tip: before drilling use knife for remove burrs from break area)

Step 4: Welding

Plastic used for production of wheel can be melted and welded by heat.

Clamp hex key to the vice (you can use pliers as well)

Heat up by lighter -!!! do not touch hex key is very hot

Now nicely put on the wheel on hex key and push about 10milimetres deep.

Wait until the key cools down.

During cooling time make sure that the wheel is perpendicular to the key in all directions.

Step 5: Cut Off Hex Key

Check cutting length and cut off by hand grinder.

My experience is you can cutting of twice but change of hex key is not possible. So cut longer then shorten.

(Tip: Do it slow. hex keys are usually hardened and cutting might be difficult.)

Step 6: Assembly

Last step assembly is reverse procedure of disassembly.

Put back all parts; screws

Check the functionality

As last you can put back sliders.

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