Introduction: Broken Phone Fix (silly Solutions)

To create the project, you must use tinker cad.

Here is the link to the screen image used:

Video link:

Step 1: Start

Start by creating a cube that is (39.38 X 19.35)

Step 2: Edge

Create a cube that is (28.28 X 28.28)

Put the cube to an edge and angle it 45 degrees

Step 3: Edge

Set the cube to a hole

Select both blocks and group them to create the round edge of the phone

Step 4: Base

Duplicate and rotate the block

Step 5: Base Done

Duplicate the two blocks and rotate them to create the base of the phone

Group them and set the color to black

Step 6: Bezel

Duplicate the phone and size it down

Set it to hole and group the two

This is to create the bezel

Step 7: Image Gen

Get the image generator

Set the color to blue/cyan/turquoise

Step 8: Screen

Use the broken screen image as the base

Set the smoothness to your liking

Step 9: Screen

Create the notch by duplicating the original base layers (2 of them)

Shorten them and set the color to black

Place a notch on the screen in the optimal location

Step 10: Screen

Set the notch to hole

This is to prevent the textures of the screen from clipping thorugh

Step 11: Screen

Group both items

Step 12: Screen

Place the screen down

Step 13: Screen End

Duplicate the notch and return it to the same place (where the hole is)

Step 14: Tape

Create a cube that is (71.91 X 29.92)

This is the base of the tape

Step 15: Tape

Create a triangle that is (4.92 X 6.02 )

We will have 8 in total (4 on each side)

Step 16: Final Touches

Move the tape over the phone

And voila, it's done