Introduction: Broken Glue Gun to a New Tool.

Now don't through away damaged glue gun , just make a new glue gun out of it .

Step 1: Stuffs U Need :

1. Plier.

2. Soldering iron(Any type).

3. Three copper wire(30cm each).

4. Screw driver.

Step 2: Hack the Old G-gun.

Remove all the screws and take off the heating cylinder from it .

Step 3: The Heating Cylinder.

Wrap the copper wires around the heating cylinder 1.5cm apart from each other with the help of the plier and put the rubber guards back which was on the heating cylinder .

Step 4: Attaching the Soldering Iron.

Push the soldering iron into the gap made by the copper wire and fix it tight with a pair of pliers .

Step 5: Now Enjoy.

Push on the top of the glue stick using the index finger after inserting it in the heating cylinder , to inject the glue or pull it to suck it back .

Step 6: Our Very Own New G-Gun Is Ready.

But do not through the rest of the parts of the old g-gun yet , we can use it for many other projects like this.


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