Introduction: Broken Glass Candles

Color changing glass candle holders.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need these supplies:
-broken glass (preferably windshield type glass since it breaks more into chunks instead of shards.  I had kept two plastic shopping bags of glass when a patio table top broke)
-glass containers (available at any craft store)
-empty clear glass votive holders (I got mine at hobby lobby)
-battery operated votives (these are rechargable color changing that my friend gave to me.  they can be found here )

-work gloves to protect your fingers from glass

Step 2: Filling the Holders

1)  Fill the holders with glass.
2)  When almost fill insert empty votive holder and fill in around sides with glass
3)  I filled the bottom of my empty votives with a bit of the broken glass to make taking the rechargeable candles in and out.
4)  Insert candle upside down in votive.

5) optional: line the underside of the lid  with paper to hide the ugly candle bottom.

Step 3: Done

Now turn them on and start the show!