Introduction: Broken IPod Touch Wallet

Turn a broken iPod touch into a stylish wallet!

Step 1: Pry Open the IPod

Grab a flathead screwdriver, or something close to that. You'll need it to pry open the iPod. Work the flathead into the crack between the screen and the backing.

Tip: Use toothpicks, pencils, or something likewise to hold the screen open as you work your way around the screen.

Step 2: Pop Out LCD Screen

Using your screwdriver, pry out the LCD Screen.

**Save the screen, it serves as a great flammable. We had some fun with it!

Step 3: Gut the Interior

Now for the fun part! Use whatever you can to clear out the interior. Screwdriver, dremel, a blowtorch.... Just do it!

Step 4: Reassemble the IPod

After you've cleared out the inside, you can pop the top back on

Step 5: Insert Money

Put in some coins through the charger, or open it up and plop in some bills!

Step 6: Show It Off to Your Friends!

Be the only one in town with a iPod wallet!


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