Introduction: Broken Snow Shovel Scoop Replacement

This last winter broken snow shovels starting appearing everywhere. I tried to track down replacement parts, but it turns out that replacement scoops don't seem to exist. So I set about to make a simple replacement scoop using basic tools and found materials.

Step 1: Tools

To create the scoop I used a clamp, wrench, vise-grips, hammer, drill (& bit).

Step 2: Materials

I was lucky enough to find some scrap metal from a local source. When looking, make sure you find something you'll be able to shape later with the vise-grips and hammer. You'll also need some hardware - nuts & bolts - to attach the scoop.

Step 3: Edges

I folded over the top and side edges of the scoop to add strength and a smoother surface. Use the vise grip to bend up the edge, then hammer it down flat.

Step 4: Shape the Scoop

To give the scoop shape, I folded the metal around the handle, then hammered out the lower section to leave a flat blade.

Step 5: Handle Holder

I used a section of hallow metal pipe to secure the wooden shovel handle to the new scoop. I hammered down the end, then clamped it in place.

Step 6: Drill and Bolt

With the pipe secured in place with the clamp, I put the handle in and drilled holes for the bolts. Using the wrench, I bolted the handle, rod, and scoop together.

Step 7: Completed Shovel

The shovel completed and ready for next winter.