Introduction: Bronze Sword Casting. Legionary. Aluminum Bronze Casting

I made bronze weapon in the past and now I decided to make something even better. This time it'll be aluminum bronze sword. This decorative sword is really hard and could be useful during bronze age :)

Step 1: Polystyrene Foam Pattern, Melting Bronze

First step is to cut a sword from polystyrene foam. After that fire up a furnace and melting aluminum bronze

Step 2: Casting

When bronze is melted and temperature is appropriate for casting than I can cast.

Step 3: Open a Mold

After temperature decreased I opened a mold and found out that quality of the item is pretty good

Step 4: Sanding and Polishing

Sanding and polishing the sword with an angle grinder

Step 5: Testing and Final Result

That's the sword, so let's test it in action... Well, it won't be a real battle :) but watermelon won't survive. It works and looks good