Introduction: Broom Dust Remover - Silly Solutions

The problem: Whenever my parents or I sweep around the house, lots of debris such as dust or crumbs stick to the broom. We would remove the dirt and dust with our hands, which is very unsanitary and causes lots of germs to spread. As a silly solution to this problem, I created a 3D printed broom dust catcher that attaches to the bottom of the dustpan, which allows you to move the broom through the dust catcher. This removes any dust and debris stuck on the bottom of the broom without having to touch it, saving lots of time and preventing the spread of germs.


What is needed: A 3D printer, 3D printing filament and basic TinkerCad skills

Step 1: Create a Cylinder Object

Using TinkerCad, create a cylinder object with the same diameter size of your dustpan’s pole. Using my dustpan dimensions, I set my cylinder 28mm tall, and is 28x28

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Cylinder

Create another cylinder object with the same height, but reduce the length and width by 10mm each. Set the cylinder to a hole. Align the solid cylinder and the hole cylinder together so that the hole is in the middle of the solid, and group them together.

Step 3: Make a Hole Object

Repeat step 1 by creating a cylinder object with the same diameter size of your dustpan’s pole, but set the cylinder to a hole

Step 4: Make a Box Object With a Hole

Create a box object with the same width as the cylinder from step 3. The length of the box can be adjusted accordingly with how big your dustpan is. Combine the cylinder hole and the box and group them together as shown in the images.

Step 5: Combine Objects

Now you have two objects. You have the cylinder with a hole in it from steps one and two and a box with a cutout from steps 3 and 4. Combine the two objects. You may raise/lower pieces as needed as I have in the image above.

Step 6: Create the Comb of the "Dust Catcher" and Combine Objects

Create the “comb” part of the dust catcher. Create the box object and change its dimensions to become a long rectangle. Next, make smaller rectangles and attach it to the long rectangle to form a “comb” as shown in the image above. Adjust your rectangles to fit how you would like your piece to look like

Step 7: Print and Attach to Dust Pan. Complete!

Now, 3D print your object, with supports if needed. Attach to your dustpan, and you are done! Enjoy removing the dust and debris off your broom with ease!

Tinkercad Student Design Contest

Third Prize in the
Tinkercad Student Design Contest