Introduction: DIY Broomstick Crochet Scarf

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As soon as I learned how to do broomstick crochet I couldn't wait to make a broomstick crochet scarf. It did take a while for making this scarf but it was worth it.

Besides, even if you don't know anything about broomstick crochet, this scarf can be a nice way for getting started and practicing the broomstick crochet. You'll start this scarf as a beginner and end up becoming an expert!

This could be a fun project to improve your making skills in broomstick crochet and this could also be a sweet, warm gift.

I hope you like it :)

Step 1: Materials Nedded

To make this broomstick crochet scarf you'll need:

1) Yarn - any color you want,
2) Crochet hook - 3.5 or 4.5 mm,
3) Cardboard piece - (width- 1 inch, length- 5 inches or more),
4) Scissor.

Step 2: Broomstick Crochet Pin Alternative!

Don't have a broomstick crochet pin?
No worries, you don't need to buy one, because you can simply make one! (Though it isn't a pin but it works)

Besides a broomstick crochet pin you can use a piece of cardboard or anything that's hard enough or doesn't bend easily for the crochet.

I used a piece of cardboard (3cm X 10cm). Anyways, there are a few things you should keep in mind for making the BC cardboard piece- 
  • Cut the piece of cardboard along the vertical lines, this way the piece won't bend easily,
  • Use a ruler to measure the length and width. The width should be of at least 1 inch (or more if you want to),
  • After cutting the cardboard piece use clear scotch tape to cover the uneven vertical edges, it helps to slide the crochet loops easily out of the cardboard piece.
There! Now we can start the broomstick crochet.

Step 3: Chains

Start with a slip knot and then do 35 chains, or a multiple of 5- why? it'll be clear in the next few steps, don't worry.

No matter how many chains you make just make sure it's a multiple of a fixed number, it's better to keep the number from 4-7.

Step 4: Loops

1st picture of this step:
After you're done making the chains use the crochet hook to pull out the last chain stitch about an inch, remove the hook from the loop and get the last chain through the cardboard piece. Pull the loose end of the yarn to tighten the loop with the cardboard piece.

2nd picture of this step:
Insert the hook into the next chain stitch, wrap the yarn over the hook and yarn through the chain,
Now you have a chain on the hook, pull it out, remove it from the hook and get it through the cardboard piece,

Once the cardboard piece is filled with loops carefully get them out.

Use every chain stitch for making the loops and make sure that the number of loops is a multiple of 5 or a multiple of the fixed number you choose.

Step 5: Broomstick Crochet- 1st Row

Now that you have a row of loops you can start doing broomstick crochet.

1st picture of this step:
Insert the hook into the first 5 loops and consider these 5 loops as a group,
Now, wrap the yarn over the hook and yarn through the group of 5 loops, again yarn over and chain 1 at the top. The 5 loops are now joined together with the first single crochet,
Now, do 4 more single crochet at the top center of the group.
Don't forget to do 5 single crochet at the top center of each group, because you have to keep the number fixed.
There! the first broomstick crochet is done.

2nd picture of this step:
Don't remove the hook from the yarn and go for the next 5 loops (consider them as the 2nd group).
Similarly, wrap the yarn over the hook and yarn through the 2nd group and do 5 single crochet at the top center of the 5 loops to join them together.

Keep doing the same until you reach the end of the row.

Step 6: Increasing Length

You're done making the first row of broomstick crochet? now simply pull out the last chain with the hook and get it through the cardboard piece,
Insert the hook into the next chain stitch, yarn through the chain and fill the cardboard piece with loops like the previous one,
Carefully pull the loops out of the cardboard when you're done.

Make sure to keep the number of loops fixed, I made 35 loops and chains every time :)

Now do the second row of broomstick crochet and go on until the scarf reaches its required length.

Step 7: Adding Tassels

It's easy to add tassels.

Cut 5-6 pieces of yarn (double the length you want for the tassels),
Hold the yarn strands together, fold them into half and you'll have a loop at one end,
Use the hook to draw the loop through the broomstick crochet-stitch that you’re attaching the tassel to,
Again use the hook to draw the loose ends of the yarn through the loop and pull them to create a tight knot.

correct me by commenting, that would be very helpful :)


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