Introduction: Browser Based Teleoperation for the LaptopWheels Project

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Welcome back!

Well, I've been working on some new code to run on the LaptopWheels robotic platform. This specific code is for remote control operation with video feedback, from a web browser, so that a client PC has no need to install software, or handle the system configuration.

For real-time lagless video streaming, the best solution that I've found to date is RoboRealm's built-in MJPEG web server and client applet.

At the moment, http and client/server sockets' ports are not forwarded through my home wireless router to the 'net, so only by using my VPN could I control this robot over the internet, but, it is possible to forward the needed ports, as long as the host's IP address or internet host name is known, and static.

I would like to release the code I have on a wikipedia-style code storage engine, online, but I don't know of a good system like that, at the moment. I am thinking of starting a SourceForge project, but unless there's any interest, I probably won't take the time to do that. If anyone has any suggestions for source code sharing, please let me know, in the comments.