Bruce Lee Inspired Garage Makeover

Introduction: Bruce Lee Inspired Garage Makeover

I have a garage that is used as a workshop and a gym. Recently i start spending a lot of time there and noticed that the walls were all white and the room felt absent from life, so i decide it needed a face lift inspired by Bruce Lee and his iconic yellow tracksuit.

Take a look at the makeover video:

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Here is the list of material you will be needing:

- 25 Liters of white Paint

- 2 Large bucket (one for mixing the yellow paint and one for red)

- Several paint brushes (at least 3)

- Several roller paint brushes (at least 3)

- 1 Black spray can (for the Bruce Lee Gratify)

- Some painting mask tape

- A Pencil and a ruler

- A lot of old newspapers

- 5 meter RGB led strip

Step 2: Moving Your Stuff and Cleaning the Walls

Fist off you need to move your stuff next to the walls to the center of the room, in order to access the walls you are going to paint. Then you need to clean the walls before painting, this can be done with a broom or a piece of cloth.

Step 3: The First White Coats

So in order for the Bruce Lee theme to work we need a white background do contrast with the yellow and red.

First off, position newspapers all over the garage floor, in order to avoid panting it. Be patient and give the room walls some white paint, using the roller brush, pass 2 or 3 times, as much as needed to turn it white. Let the paint dry before appalling new coats.

Step 4: Applying the Mask Tape

Now you have a nice clean white wall, the idea is to create a horizontal layer of yellow and red. In order to achieve a nice horizontal line we first mark the wall with a pencil and a ruler. The horizontal banner we are going to paint has 70cm in width and has two 5cm borders on the top and on the bottom.

Step 5: Yellow and Red Horizontal Banner

Now you have a delimited mask tape area, just paint it red and yellow like you see in the image.

You will need to use a yellow die and a red die mixed with the white paint. Mix the die with the white paint in order to obtain a colorful paint.

Step 6: The Black Boarders

Now that you have the red and yellow done, you only need to apply a 5mm border with black paint onto the top and bottom of the banner. Be careful using black, be patient.

Step 7: CNC Milled Bruce Lee Gratify Cardboard

The next step is to actually paint Bruce Lee art on to the wall. In order to do so i used the Buildersbot CNC to cut a 3mm cardboard. You can also do this step by using a laser engraver or even by hand (if you make a large paper print of the image in A1 format and cut the black parts out using a razor blade).

Step 8: Bruce Lee Gratify

Now that you have the card board you just need the to place it where you want and spray onto the holes of the cardboard. Be careful, protect the yellow wall from black spray paint using some newspaper.

Step 9: Bicycle Sign

On the red wall i painted a bicycle sign. In order to do so i printed our the bicycle on a A4 paper and cut it out with a scissor. After that i glued it on the wall, with a pencil i traced out the bike and finally painted it with black using a paint brush.

Step 10: RGB Led Strip

Now to give the room some life at night, i applied a 5050 RGB led strip to the ceiling.

Step 11: The Final Thoughts

After all this hard work, i now feel more comfortable in the garage, whenever i see Bruce Lee on the wall it gets me motivated to train and to work.

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    6 years ago

    This is fantastic. If you get asked to do the garages of other people, I really hope you'll have time to document and publish more work.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Struthious,

    Thank you for your nice comment, this was the first wall i have ever painted. I made lot of mistakes, and because of that it took forever to finish it.

    Because of this i don't think i will be painting a wall any time soon, i am traumatized :) But if i do, i will share it here with the community.

    Dustin Rogers
    Dustin Rogers

    7 years ago on Step 6

    Looks great. I like your chair "spotters" at the weight bench.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Good observation, for the spotters and for resting between reps.

    Thnaks for the comment.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking makeover! Very original, too.

    Love the mood lighting!