Introduction: Bruh Moment Mug

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Have you ever wanted a Bruh Moment Mug. Well the chances are very slim, but if you for some reason would love to have one you have came to the right place. I will teach you every step of the way to making a mug of your very own.

Step 1: Making the Base

Your are going to want to use Onshape as I did in this tutorial. Once you have made an account on Onshape and signed in make a new project. Click on new sketch, and on the front face make a line going 2 inches to the right. Then from each side of this make two 6 inch lines going up, and then connect them at the top make a 6 x 2 rectangle.

Once you have made of this and it is complete click the check mark in the top left of the screen to finish the sketch. After you have clicked the check mark click and highlight on the box, then click on the revolve tool and revolve the rectangle on it self. You should now have a cylinder along the lines of this.

Step 2: Smoothing It

Once this new and cool cylinder is made you are going to have to click the bottom of it. Now there are two options you can use the fillet tool on the top row, or just do Shift + f. Now there should be a toolbox in the top left, and it should have a green and red marks. There should be a option to change the radius of the smoothness, and you want to change that to 0.5 inches then click the green check mark.

Step 3: Making Bruh Moment

On the 3d box in the top right click the top face. Then make a new sketch on top of there, then from the origin make a 3.7 inch circle. After this click the extrude tool, and make the extrude a remove instead of a add. When you do this you will also need to make the hole a 5 inch hole inside the cylinder. Then after this click the bottom of the inside of the mug and make a text box and make it say bruh. Then after this you should do the same thing that you just did but instead of it saying bruh it should say moment. If you did this correctly so far it should look something along the lines of this.

Step 4: Making the Handle

Then once your done with these steps make a handle shape on any side that looks something like this. After you do this then you should extrude it on one side .5 inches and same on the other side. Once it looks like a block you need to use the tool called fillet, and you need to use it on every side of the handle to make it smooth. After you did all of this you should be done and you can just 3d print it. Now all you need to do is just print it, and see how yours turns out.