Introduction: Brush-less Motors for Your Drone

Hello friends,

Tonight I am going to show you how to make your brushless motors for your drones.

I teach you make brush-less motors Known as BLDC with every desire power step by step by photos as I am not comfortable with English!

As you all know, such motors are so expensive .Hence ,I tried to make them and till now for 1 year ,I have made more than 50 brush-less motor my self for my needs.

I hope you can so.I will be in touch if you have any question to guide you.

so. do not pay expensive BLDS anymore.

Step 1: Primary Matterials

by finding this things, you will have every thing for making motors. they are cheap really and even if you search, you can find them freely.

the most important thing is the core. yes. the Iron core. like DC motor core or Asynchronous motor core. or Floppy Disc motor core. or Hard drive motor core...!!!

best ones for drone or airplanes are Hard drive or Floppy Disc motor. see you can find floppies very cheap or free. but bear in mind that we need too many of them! we need at-least 6-7 floppy motor to make one powerful BLDC. nut it really works. I did it. that is wonderful. if you make it carefully, will have a perfect motor for your aim.

Step 2: Mounting Cores

in this step first clear surface of cores for both sides and mount them to each other very carefully. aha! just use the core with these number of teeth: 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-33-36-...

why? cause the BLDC has 3 phase. so the teeth number should be divided per 3.

chose the bearings match to the middle of the cores. and the inside of the bearing is up to you ! before buying the bearing, first you must know what shaft size diameter you will have. the bigger diameter you have,the more strong t will be.

Step 3: Wiring

oh my god. this is sensetive part as well. actually most of the times I myself wiring with my own experience without any calculation!!!!!! it works ;-D but I try to give you some sources for calculating the wire diameter on turns.

you can change your BLDC wiring to run it with 4 cell battery except 6 cell for example. or you can make it faster or slowler .but you can not increase its power! power will be increased only if you make a bigger motor. or better matterial qualities.

Step 4: Magnets

I like this pars the most. I enjoy mounting the magnets.

the BLDC needs neudinuiom magnets with N=38 or 42 or more. neudenuiom magnets are powerful .

the number of magnets and teeth will effect on winding calculate. It is better that the number of magnets being near number of teeth .But not them same. for example :teeth =12 and magnet=14 or 10 is the best.but magnets can not be 12 number.

As calculating the magnet size and winding will be so time consuming ,I introduce some source for this aim.

Step 5: Extra Things (lathing-winding Calculating-my Videos)

for those want to make more powerful motors like more than 4-5-6 KW.

this motor will cost more than 1500 USD if you want to buy. but I will tell you how to make one with only 100 USD.

have you seen old asyncrone Germany motors which is uses in rectifiers? or Arc devises for air conditions?

buy one of them. the one that is not working anymore. it has 24 teeth. it is perfect for our electric vehicle or bike.

After removing the old wires ,clean it .Then Insulate the surface carefully. do not wiring the naked core( stator)

now the rotor needs to be lathing as we need space for mounting the magnets.

*An important chart attached on this page for your winding calculation. it is vital for all of your winding calculators. hope you enjoy.

**Also a PDF file is here for more information and this link will guide you more:

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