Introduction: Buck, the BunnyDuck

About: My name is Sabine. I'm a hobbyist with a variety of interests, including 3D printing, tinkering, music, stories etc.

This is Buck, the opitcal illusion of a bunny and a duck.

Step 1: ​The Model

It is a customized/remixed model based on this pretty one by KIJAI:


Step 2: ​The 3D Printing

The original model

- was cut in half,

- got a whole for the magnet,

- was printed with white PLA filament and

- was painted with brown and black acrylic paint.

resources: Tinkercad, ideaMaker, Ender 2

Step 3: ​The Optical Illusion

Buck, the bunny, jumps from a green field into a blue sea and becomes Buck, the Duck.

The semi-perfect stop-motion-video was made with Openshot, the music with Reason 10 Lite.

Step 4: ​The End

It's my new whiteboard magnet.

This little project (which by the way took more time than I thought) wasn't really planned. I came up with the idea while placing the magnet on the whiteboard.

Maybe it could be a nice project for children; it combines many different work steps: modelling, painting, creating an environment, making a short stop-motion-video and the background music or even sound effects. Buck could be also made out of cardboard or modelling clay for example. And at least, you have a really nice two-in-one whiteboard magnet.

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