Introduction: Bucket List Memories

My bucket list started as an assignment from one of my teachers. She told us to make a bucket list and gave us instructions we had to follow. I took it a little further.

So what is a bucket list? A bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. The countries, places, and locations you want to visit. Special moments and festivals you want to witness. The activities and skills you want to do, learn, and try out.

So, here’s how I made my Bucket List.

Step 1: Understanding the Bucket List

If you don't live your days by personal goals and plans, chances are you spend most of your time caught up in a flurry of day-to-day activities. What were your accomplishments in the past three months? What are your upcoming goals for the next three months? Look at the things you did and the things you're planning to do next - Do they mean anything to you if you died today? Having a bucket list reminds you of what's really important so you can act on them.

The whole point of a bucket list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live our life to the fullest. It's a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time here, so that instead of squandering our time in pointless activities, we are directing it fully toward what matters to us.

My teacher’s instructions:

  1. Create a list of 100 items for your bucket list. (You don't have to do that many, but the more the merrier)
  2. Needs to be neat. You can type or write it out. You have to be able to read it. (That means good handwriting)
  3. Needs to have a front cover. Make this look awesome! Needs your name and the year you make it.
  4. These have to be specific. Do NOT just name a country. (Or you'll forget why you want to go there)

…I didn’t end with that. I went to the store and bought a photo album and journal that match my personality. Now, every time I do something on my list, I can write it down and have a photo to remind me of my adventures. You want to make sure your photo album and journal fit your individual styles.

Step 2: Make a List

Assume you have unlimited time, money, and resources. Name the countries, places, or locations you want to visit. Be specific, no point in just naming the country. Are there any special moments or festivals you want to witness? What activities or skills do you want to learn and try out?

Come up with as many items as you can. The items should be things you have not done yet (if you are planning to do something you can add it). If you find yourself stuck, you are most likely mentally limiting and constraining yourself. Release the chains that hold you down - this is a list of everything you want to do, see, and experience in your life even if you know you probably won't do it.

I’ve already completed the hike up to and through Timpanogos Cave and I’ve got my first backpacking trip scheduled for next month.


  1. eat at giraffe manor
  2. ride an elephant
  3. go to a castle
  4. write a song
  5. buy a jeep
  6. go skydiving
  7. buy a nice camera
  8. go scuba diving
  9. ride in a limo
  10. learn to surf
  11. ride in a submarine

Step 3: Create the Bucket List Photo Album

The List

Print or write down your entire bucket list in the album, make sure each item is numbered and sufficiently defined. You also want to make sure the page(s) fit in your photo album and that it looks well-organized. Also make sure you have plenty of pages.

The Album

Number the pages so you can find what you’re looking for faster. After each time you finish something on your list, in a new or blank section of your Bucket List Photo Album, enter the item number, item completed, date completed, item description, and a picture or other memorable relic in the sleeve or on the page. After doing that, go back to the list, check it off, and write down what page you put the picture(s) and information on.

Step 4: Make a "Travel Journal"

During or after every item you complete that is on your list, enter the item number, item completed, date completed, and a very nice, long, detailed description plus any other things you want to add in you Travel Journal.

You can also make a Summer Bucket List, a Yearly Bucket List, a Trip Bucket List, or any other bucket list you come up with and/or want to do. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, how much money you do or don’t have, or if you don’t think you have time enough to do it. The items on a bucket list are somethings you will live for, no matter what you have on it. If you don’t want to go as far as I did on a bucket list, you can just write or print out a list of a few things you truly want to do.

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