Introduction: Buddha Idol, Made Out of Wood Husk!

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Since the launch of this contest, i have been watching the entries. They were truly amazing!!!

I am quite interested towards wood or any kind of craft out of nature's product. So i was quite eager to take part even tough i do not have appropriate tools.

At the same time, i just got this thought the thought of using wood as little as i could to make any product!

As little could be the wooden dust(from wood), and so the idea of making Buddha idol came up!


Any wooden part (here i used the unused and broken wooden piece from a multi-level table)

To make Wooden dust:

Any iron tool (here i used two to three tools, one-by-one to see which gives the expected dust quickly)


Hand gloves

To make the idol:

Trace paper


Dark coloured chart paper

White (and strong) glue

Woollen threads(of one's colour choice)

Small gold colour beads


Stainless steel blade



Step 1: Wooden Dust, the Making!

To make the wooden dust, you could use the machine. At my side, i used some native hand tools made of iron.


At first, i used a thin and strong iron big size needle to just open up the wooden parts. It did not help much.


Secondly, i used an iron tool. This tool is locally used to cut the coconut shells for tender coconut. However, the one which i have is blunt. It helped to an extent, but most were larger particles which may not be suitable for drawings/paintings.


Third, i used the seive itself to grate the wood. I utilised the backside of the seiver, to grate the wood. This helped to a great extent to giving both bigger and smaller particles, from the front and back side of the seiver.

Do always use the gloves, while doing this work if in case you try!

Please refer the attachments, for the picture involved in the process.

Step 2: Sketch for Buddha!

Though, i do draw/paint to a good level i do not want to draw the image of buddha straightaway. Rather, for better perfection i opt for 'Trace Art'!

Trace Art:

Trace Art is the way of copying the image from any medium(mostly paper) to trace sheet. Later we will use this worked trace sheet to draw any art form with a better perfection. This will help beginners in drawing to be more confident.

Step 1 : So i used the Trace sheet and copied the buddha image from a picture.

Step 2: I shaded the grey areas (as per reference picture).

Step 3: Now, i took a dark coloured chart paper and drew the image of Buddha (as drawn in the trace sheet). Trace sheet - on top; Chart paper - at the bottom.

Step 4: Shaded with grey.

(You could see the image in trace sheet and the one on the chart, in the attached pictures).

Step 3: Making Chart Stencils

Paper cut, for the drawing:

I used stainless steel blade to cut out the grey parts.

Be careful, when you use blades. I did not realise that my finger got so many small cuts while i was working. So you could roll a paper/chart over the blade, where you keep the fingers. Or could use any other advanced tools.

Step 4: Now, Its Time to Apply the Core Material.

To the figure, i applied white glue with the help of brush (at smaller areas; i did not apply all over, at one time) and sprinkled the dust over it. The wet glue would stick the required wooden dust and leave the remaining.

Let it dry overnight or any further!

Step 5: Add-ons!

To the dried and complete Buddha image, i placed a circular and hollow cardboard sheet (pasted with white paper).

To the white cardboard sheet, i used small pieces of woollen threads and golden colour beads.

I used a metal string to use as a wall-hanger!

Step 6: Buddha, With Night Light Effect!

I used battery torch and mobile torch to bring night light effect. Do have a look!

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