Introduction: Budha

Hello everyone! This is Surya!. Ever since my childhood I had great passion towards Budha. I drew great inspiration from him. I always loved to have a Budha in my room. Well once i saw a beautiful Budha scuplture at a shopping mall. Then I decided to make one on my own.

Step 1: Head

To start with , I started sculpting Head.Since Iam no professional at this, I started looking for instructional videos on youtube. I found many videos about head sculpture. Then downloaded images of Budha( front view, side view, back view). Went to craft store and purchased "white modelling clay" that hardens naturally. I have got tools and acrylic colors with me already!

1. you can search on youtube about making a face out of clay

Step 2: Hair

2. then i crafted his eyes. Those drowsy half closed eyes( loved it)

3. Then made small tiny balls out of clay and attached it to head to make hair ( it dries quickly under fan, so dont forget to keep a cup of water to wet it so it attaches good)

4. then add fevicol over the head to fix it firmly( else those tiny balls will fall out)

Step 3: Body

1. this is little tough though

2. I first made a rectangular part out of clay with 2m thickness

3. Then put a pile of cardboards which are cut to its dimensions

4.then added another layer of rectangular clay on it

5. finally sealed it with some more clay

6. then added another layer for chest part and crafted it out

added thin layer at the back and crafted it out

7. then added another layer on either sides for shoulders

8. the legs part is crafted seperately and attached to the top part

Step 4: Dress

1. wrapped a layer of clay around the body for cloth

2. carefully crafted it out

Step 5:

alas!! finished... there might be some cracks appear while getting dried. No probs seal it with very little clay and apply fevicol on it . Mean while my minion resting under Budha

check out how to make a minion here

Step 6: Paint

after completly dried up.....carefully paint it ( here i used acrylic colors) get the copper shade I mixed pink yellow red orange and white

2. to get gloss effect, apply acrylic gloss medium once the painting is finished and dried.

3. lthe gloss medium may initially appear to have blue tint but once it dries you can see the gloss effect

Finally done with it! Budham saranam Gachami!!

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