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Introduction: Bug Off ! Body Spray

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This body spray repels instead of attracting. For the most part. haha - My husband went past me and said "wow you smell good!" Now, our problem here, is that I HATE BUGS when they BITE ME and suck my blood and leave welts that turn into bruises. Ugh. Maybe allergic. But that is my problem, and not yours. :D

The photo shows herbs, but we are really using essential oils for this one! I just tried to illustrate the natural ingredients in a visual form, rather than glass bottle. Simple, quick, effective and TRIPLE purpose. If you are sensitive to things, perhaps just test the spray little by little, to be safe. And I think children may not process essential oils that well, so you can just spray their clothes, shoes, hat, etc.

About the oils, Lemon Eucalyptus is a single oil, from a specific plant. It contains the citronella stuff that bugs hate! Lavender also repels them, while giving a nice scent. Tea Tree is an added oil in case you already have bug bites that you want to cover while you're out AGAIN with the nasty buggers.


Amber Spray Bottle (to preserve the oil ingredients)
Essential Oils (Lemon Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree)
Water !

Step 1: Create Your Body Spray

I bought the pack of amber glass spray bottles from Amazon, linked in the previous step. That gives you options for other sprays, for travel sprays or gifts to fellow mosquito detesters. :)

ONE GOOD TIP...cuz the rest almost explains itself. hahah --- GOod tip... don't fill the bottle up with water. Fill it only to the neck, or just below the neck. I learned (multiple times) that you will overflow it, waste oils and make a sweet smelling mess. For some reason, the mechanics inside that sprayer head, displace a good bit of liquid lol.

So, fill it *enough* with water. I think you can used distilled water if you want to get fancy, but I can attest to the fact that tap water still does wonderful for performance.

Put your drops in!!!

Decide what is most important to you. The smell that you wear? The Bug-Off factor? Or a calming effect on the bites you already have?

Disperse and divide 30-35, maybe more lol, DROPs per that 8 ounce bottle.

I hate mosquitos. I wish I had an essential oil that would explode them when they come near me. But, I don't know if that exists. So I chose to lead with repellent ! :D I used like ... 3/5ths of Lemon Eucalyptus, then a good amount of Tea Tree because I was a walking mosquito buffet the day before, and then topped it off with the Lavender for the remaining drops.

If you want that mathematically simplified, you can just use an even 10 each. I am pretty sure that I was near 40 drops because I was aggro. :D

Step 2: Finish It Up With a Label!

Label your extremely simple and effective creation and give it a whirl. Just make sure to shake it before each use because oil and water need encouragement to work together.

The three benefits to this spray:

Smells Nice (Body Spray) , Repels the needle-faced jerks, and HEALS with the Tea Tree oil! So your bites will be soothed and you will keep them away from you to prevent future bites. Just know, this isn't a lotion, so give yourself a cool saturated spray-down. (Takes about 1/2 ounce per full application. I know this because I've done it, a lot. hahaha) Then, just be aware of the heat you're in, the fact that your sweat will express the spray from your skin and that you will have to re-apply if you're dripping it all off yourself. That's why I also spray my clothes. I spray it all. I hate those bugs.

The scent is like a citrus summer nap. But with a dance before you relax. I'll leave you with that. Spray Away!

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