Introduction: Bug Out Bag

when you travelor the endof the world hit you need somthing to help you get passed it even in a car accident you need to be prepared its called preping when you prep you are saving your life not only yours but other people that help you prep so i did mine the best preper way

Step 1: Gather Your Suplies

first get

sturdy hicking bag or school bag

basic items like


weather gear

muliti tool


spare clothes


fire starters

hyginene kit

water fliter


sun screen and bug repallent

sleeping bag


blanket tarp or small tent

food and water



Step 2: Easy Way to Fold Your Clothes

first get

shirt that fits


pair of socks

first put yur shirt flat with arms out then fold underwere

then place in your shirt with arms folded in at the underwere

now fold in half with underwere inside

next add your socks with the hole out

roll up

lastly have sock wrap around shirt and underwere

now its space saving and easy to do

Step 3: Food and Water

so mine still had pockets open so i just stuffed the full with food are water bags

Step 4: There Is Your Finhed Bug Out Bag

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