Introduction: Bug-Out Barrel for a Family of Four

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This is another example of an outdoor survival kit for those times when you need to evacuate in a hurry or you need some emergency supplies in your house. These kits are usually called Bug-Out Bags and there are already several good INSTRUCTABLES on the subject. This variant is housed in a 60 litre food grade barrel and is designed to keep my family of four alive for a little while (depending on the conditions: outside temperature, availability of water ect.). As is often the case, once I start writing the instructable, I find out that someone (Mike) has already invented this (nice article too!).

The accompanying bike trailer/dolly was purpose built for this barrel, although I've bought a second barrel to lug beer to the beach, or fire wood to the camp-site. You can see how I made the trailer here.

The barrel format provides a several advantages:

  1. Water and air proof to keep any number of malicious elements out and preserve the contents until you need them. It is also handy for crossing or travelling down waterways.
  2. Rigid construction that allows for many uses as a separate item (chair, roller, support, water container, animal resistant container...).
  3. Can be dragged over snow.
  4. Relatively inconspicuous (in your garage, or back of your car).
  5. You can purchase a harness which transforms the barrel into a surprisingly comfortable backpack.

Step 1: Assemble the Kit

I was not able to fit everything, so I was faced with some important survival questions: water or sleeping bag? Watch the video to see what I chose...

  1. 2-4 sleeping bags (depends how cosy you are with your fellow survivors)
  2. A tent (I got a super cheap one from Canadian Tire)
  3. Tarp
  4. 100' paracord
  5. Machete
  6. Multitool
  7. Fires making tools (lighters, firepaste, sparker)
  8. Compass
  9. Water filtration (life straw) (strain out particles of feces and associated nasties)
  10. Water purification tablets (kill the bacteria and viruses)
  11. Collapsible Water container
  12. Compact fishing rod and tackle
  13. Flash light, radio, USB charger combo
  14. First Aid Kit
  15. Potassium Iodide
  16. Dehydrated Food (has a shelf life so switch out every few years)
  17. Water (has a shelf life so switch out every few years)
  18. Mess kit
  19. Pots and pans
  20. 4 toques
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