Introduction: Bug Out Survival Bracelet

A standard paracord bracelet can be useful in regards to the cordage it provides while being an every day carry(wear). Let's face it though, when left stranded on the road during an EMP, lost in the woods from a weekend hike, or up the creek with out a paddle; you're gonna need more than some 550lb cord.

Craft your own all-purpose survival bracelet to better prepare you for any adventure or worst case scenario. It is an outfitted strap that comes equipped with a load out of gear allowing you to start a fire, repair your tent, purify water, signal for help, waterproof a poncho, replace a shoelace, fish, carve an arrow/fashions bow, set a snare trap, tighten a lose screw, or navigate to safety. It's a lightweight Bug Out Bag for your wrist. All the items can be carefully placed into the center core under the weave pattern making it discreet and ready for the apocalypse.

Items Needed:
1. Knowledge of how to make a standard cobra paracord bracelet.
2. Lighter, paracord, duct tape.
3. Optional: Pliers & Straws
4. Buckle & Survival Gear to add to bracelet.

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Step 1: Select Your Survival Items

Pick survival tools that would fit what you are prepping for and lay out your choices neatly on your workspace. Here are examples and estimated prices for each: all are available from me or by browsing the internet.

SURVIVAL ITEM CATEGORIES: Cutting, Fire, Aid/Repair, Food/Water, Navigation/Signalling, Tools/Tactical, Support


(7) $15- Mini Curved Surgical Carving Blade #12 X-Acto size (Carbon Steel - Pointed Tip - Lanyard Hole) Use as arrow tip, attach to wood handle yo use as knife, whittle wood as a morale booster, carve tools, cut rope, fillet fish, etc.

(8) *$25- Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade and Fire Striker w/ Sheath (Wear Resistant - Non-Dulling Cutting Edge - Covert - Non Metallic)Conceal. Strike against flint to create sparks, cutting blade for endless uses, razor sharp for shaving or skinning, sheath between a tip-split stick to use as defensive jabbing knife, etc.

(9) *$7- 1ft Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) Sawing Cord and Snare Wire (200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) Saw branches/zipties/ropes- Fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire, make a trip line, use as garrote weapon. Adopted by US Army SERE specialists and NAVY Seals.

(10) $3 per/ additional 1 foot. TIPS: A. Use long back & forth sawing motions to reduce friction/damage to K.U.T. Concentrate sawing on a single point of item being cut. B. Wear gloves to protect your hand or create handles from a pen/stick.


(11) *$2- Fire Tender Packet, Small (Vaseline filled cotton stuffing) TIPS: Cut open straw and fluff up cotton, keep in straw container to allow for a slow and smokier burn time.

(12) $3- Fire Tender Packet, Large(Vaseline filled cotton stuffing)

(13) $1- Survival Torch: Water/Wind Proof Match. Long burn time, Strong Flame, Requires Striking Surface or Spark.(14) $1- UCO Strike Anywhere Match. Carbonized, White Phosphorus Tipped.

(17) *$7- Fire Steel Ferrocerium Toggle Peg: Scrape slowly to shave off Ferro shards for use as combustible tinder. Strike quickly to ignite tinder. Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame.

(18) *$3- Jute String/Tinder, 1 foot of 3 ply small rope, use as wound dressing for absorbent properties, tie down, fire tinder.

(19) $2- Tinder Tape Patch 2"x2":

(20) $5- Tinder Tape Stap 1ft: Heavy duty adhesive Duct Tape with added flammable strands allowing a slow tar like burn. Stick to your kindling and ignite or wrap around a limb to use as a torch.


(21) $8- S.A.R.K: Suture And Repair Kit- Angled Suture Needle(6 Size 5*12) Monofilament Line, Sewing Needle, Thread, 2x2 inch duct tape patch

(22) $13- Wound Seal: Quick Clotting Occlusive Dressing- Sterile prepackaged topical powder to instantly stop bleeding from open wounds.

(23) $6- Angled Suture Needle(6 Size 5*12), curved surgical suture with needlepoint, needle body , pinhole (the eye of a needle).

(24) $2- Small Bandage, sealed

(25) $1- Safety Pin: improvise as fish hook, pin broken arm's sleeve to chest for a sling, remove splinter.

(26) $1- Needle/Pick: repair a torn pack, modify a jacket, navigate by statically charging and floating on leaf, improvise as suture pin.

(27) $1- Duct Tape Patch (2x2 inch): patch and waterproof small holes, repair gear, use as bandage

(28) $2- Duct Tape Strap (6"x2"): waterproof tears to a tent, splint boat paddle, use as fly trap for protein

(29) *$15- Waterproof Pill Container, black (store water purification tablets, meds, tinder, alcohol pad, etc)

(30) *$3- Alcohol Prep Pad, 70% Isopropyl Alc. Antiseptic-Sterile (REQUIRES PILL CONTAINER)(31) *$5- F.A.T. First Aid Tinder, quick light cotton fire tinder soaked in anti-bacterial treatment.

(51) $10- 4"x2" Carbon Survival Tape: A strap of multi-use carbon fiber fabric being heat resistant to 1200℃. This highly capillary tape can be improvised as a torch(wrap around limb and soak w/ fuel), oil lamp or stove(place in can and fill with fuel), conclusive dressing(absorbs exudate, creates flexible scab), gas/water mask filter(stuff in bottle, cut small hole in base, breath thru or strain water), signal fire(spell out SOS, soak with fuel, light).(55) $8- KiO3 Radiation Defense Tablet, 130mg: Shield against radiation exposure with this specific blocker of thyroid radio-iodine uptake. High dose potassium iodide for nuclear emergency scenarios.


(32) *$8- P38 Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Sinker and Weight, Knife Sharpener, polish off black to use as signal mirror.

(33) 7- Fishing Kit- 15 feet 6lb Fishing Line & SZ8 All-Purpose Fish Hook w/ 2x2 inch duct tape patch

(34) *$5- MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet(2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.

(35) $3- Square of Aluminum Foil (5x5 inch) (heavy duty for cooking, signalling, lure, Faraday cage, cup, etc)

(36) $3- 15ft of 8lb Fishing Line (packaged in 6" electrical tape) TIPS: Use nylon strings in paracord sheath to add extra line length.

(37) $4- Weedless Bait Fishing Hook (large)

(38) $3- All Purpose Small Fishing Hook

---NAVIGATION & SIGNAL:(39) *$16- Luminous Compass. Fixed 360 Degree Dial. Subdued Fit on Paracord Bracelet. Water Proof/Impact Resistant.

(40) *$14- Clipper Compass. LAND -NAV spec w/360-degree dial. Features a rotating bezel with easy-to-read markings in 10-degree increments, liquid-filled capsule, jewel bearing and hardened steel needle. Compass also clips to the edge of a map, bag strap or the sleeve of your jacket.

(41) *$4- Luminous Glow Light Surface: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output for seeing a map or operation orders in dark environments.

(42) *$4- Reflective Signal Mirror Surface: use in sunny conditions as a short range signaling tool to alert others of your location.

(53) *$4- Retro Reflector Surface: use in night time search and rescue attempts to reflect your rescuer's search lights aiding in your recovery at sea or land.


(43) $5- Mini Stainless Steel S-Carabiner

(45) $2- Ziptie, black(46) *$10- Non-Metallic Handcuff key

(47) *$25- Field Rifle Tool, front sight adjuster, AR-15/M4

(48) $2- Black Steel Plated Security Pin, (heavy duty safety pin)

(49) $1- Pick/Nail, Steel: Tack to tree for hanging gear, combine with 3in1 buckle to make a puncturing weapon by inserting in whistle opening.

(50) $1- Operator Tape- Black Insulation/Electrical Grade Vinyl/Rubber Adhesive strap used to secure noisy straps/clips on your ruck sack, add grip to pistol, wrap around a blister to prevent injury, black out small LED lights on electronic devices for concealed movement, repair a frayed wire, etc.

(15) *$3- Ranger Band: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller items to your bracelet. (16) *$4- Ranger Band Large: Gear Strapping, bundleloose items, water proof a survival tin, use as shock absorber on a compass, secure flashlight to a rifle, burn for a large signal flame, etc.


(44) *$5- Micro Paracord Ink Pen: Always have a pen ready

(52) $20- Thermometer, Scubadiver: ℉ dial, crystal liquid filled dome, freeze/water proof.

(54) $4- Rite in Rain Sheet: jot down a note, grid coordinates, or a message on waterproof memo sheet. Use as tinder to start a fire.

Step 2: Select a Fastening Method

Regardless of what tools you add to the core of the strap you are still going to need to have a buckle of some sort to snap it around your wrist. You could use a simple knot and loop method to tie off your bracelet but why not make that buckles useful tool also? Here are some examples that I offer and have used.

BUCKLES & FASTENERS: Choose 1 to 2 fasteners.
(1)*$25- LED Light w/ Flash Buckle. Water Resistant. Replaceable battery.
(2)*$15- 3in1: FireSteel Ferro Rod.Striker Blade and Cutting Tool. Emergency Whistle with improvised storage space. Create Fire: Scrape slowly to shave off Ferro shards for use as combustible tinder. Strike quickly to ignite tinder. Reflect on sparks into nest of fine tinder, provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame. Signal for help: One whistle blast, "where are you", two blasts, "come here", three blasts, "help me". Or signal the SOS distress call with 3 short, 3 long, & 3 short blasts.
(3)*$10- Handcuff Key Buckle: non-metallic, concealed. Universal fit.
(4)*$9- Emergency Whistle Buckle, small, curved buckle.
(5)*$5- Standard Side Release Buckle w/ hidden storage compartment.
(6)*$7- Adjustable Black Stainless Steel Shackle (allows up to an inch of slack/tightness)

Step 3: Pick Your Paracord

Self explanatory choose the paracord color and type you like.

(A) $10- Coyote Brown
(B) $10- Olive Drab Green
(C) $10- Black
(D) $15- Multi-Cam
(E) $15- Foliage
(F) $15- Royal Blue
(G) $15- Purple
(H) $15- Orange Blaze
(I) $15- Fireman Red
(J) $20- Reflective Neon Gray w/ Tracers
(K) $20- Reflective Neon Pink w/ Tracers
(L) $20- Reflective Neon Yellow w/ Tracers
(M) $35- Fire Cord: Black w/ Thin Red Line (entire bracelet, outer weave and core)
(N) $25- Fire Cord: Black w/ Thin Red Line (core only)
This is a fire tinder paracord w/ 550lb tensile strength: Contains an inner combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof.

Step 4: Pre-package Your Items and Ready Them for the Bracelet.

In order to secure all your selected gear inside the weave of the bracelet you will need to further prepare them by packing it away in duct tape, electrical tape, shrink wrap, straw, tube, or really anything that will waterproof and help you manage all the loose items. The top two ways that are easiest and cheapest are tape and straws.

PACK IN DUCT TAPE: Some items that are hard to manage, not waterproof, or pose a hazard. These type of items should be packed in a small patch of duct tape. This will not only make them easier to insert in the bracelet but will also give you reusable duct tape (use tape that matches your paracord color). Electrical tape also works well for sharp items like a nail or xacto blade.

Cut a 2”x2” piece of duct tape and lay out a few small items on the end and roll it up.

PACK IN A STRAW: Other items can be packed into a plastic straw. Grab pliers, lighter, and poking tool(screw driver). Cut the straw to fit your needs, burn and pinch one end, stuff the item in the straw using the poker(screw driver or tooth pick), burn and pinch the other end.

OTHER: Remember some items just need to be organized or secured together rather than be taped up or put in a straw tube. In the photo you can see how I rolled up a 5"x5" square of foil then taped a ziptie and length of jute rope to it. This makes it easier to hold to the core of the bracelet while you weave over it. Apply this method to large items.

Step 5: Craft a Cobra Weave Bracelet & Insert Your Survival Gear

CRAFTING A COBRA WEAVE BRACELET: First you need to know how to make a standard cobra weave bracelet (you can find plenty of instructables on that). Begin crafting the bracelet by attaching paracord between the two ends of your buckle and starting the cobra weave. The length of cord between the buckles will be called the “core”. The core is where you will insert the smaller items such as a needle, blade, or water purification tablet.

TIP: Fit more in your strap by using a core made up of 6 total strands of cord rather than the standard two. This creates a wider base holding more gear.

Remember some larger items can be attached to the outside of the bracelet. Examples would be a compass, p38, or kevlar thread hidden under a ranger band.

WEAVING IN SURVIVAL ITEMS: As you begin the cobra weave, insert small items either individually or in your pre-packaged duct tape/straw. 1. Begin a loose weave but don’t tighten it yet. 2. Insert an item by sliding it up under the open weave. 3 Hold the item secure while you tighten and snug down the paracord. 4. Adjust the item as needed to conceal it as you continue to weave over it.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Now finish off your weave by cutting off the remaining cordage and singe/burn the ends.

Add on any final items that you want secured to the outside such as a ranger band with a wound seal secured under it.

Strap it around your wrist and always have a survival kit with you! For more info check out our FB page at or buy one at .

Step 7:

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