Introduction: Bug Prank

This classic prank of bug images on paper hidden in light sources is easy to pull off, and looks very convincing.

I used a computer printer to make these bugs, but the effect is just as good if you drew the bugs by hand and coloured them in.

This prank covers all the bases of a good gag: Simple, (mostly) harmless, effective, and easy to deploy and clean up. Let's prank!

Step 1: Search and Print

I did a quick Internet search for "bugs", and there were plenty of results to chose from.

I copied the bug I liked into a blank document on my computer and scaled them to be different sizes, all fitting onto a single sheet of paper. Your bugs can be any size, but let's be honest: the bigger the better!

I printed the bug sheet on a computer printer. This batch was colour, but for this prank it's not necessary.

Step 2: Cut Out Bugs

Each bug was carefully cut out with scissors. I got as close as I could to the shape, but bugs have all kinds of dangly legs and bits, so I didn't sweat the details.

Step 3: Hide Bugs in Lights

Now, for the best part - hiding the bugs!

Hiding the paper bug cutouts in lamps is probably the best way to execute the prank, since the light shining through the paper bugs really brings out the definition and sells the illusion.

Place a bug or two in a ceiling light cover, or in a lamp shade, then turn out the lights and leave the room.

Step 4: Prank!

Stay close by so you can drink in the terror of the unsuspecting person who turns on the light and sets eyes upon the largest bug they have ever seen!

If you've done this prank, share your stories and pictures in the comments below. I love reading how other people perform their pranks.

Happy pranksgiving!