Introduction: Bugout Bag 101

Let's start building that bag!

Step 1: Purchase a Suitable Pack.

I got this one at wallyworld for $40.00. It's the big one.

Step 2: While You're at It...

Grab a waist pack and some small packs as well. Turn around and look at the camping stuff. Get some 8hr candles, water purification tabs., mosquitoe vail, solar blanket, matches and water proof case, 2l water bladder, extra bite valves, 1" qd clasps, 20l dry bag. Mosie on over to the craft isle and get some paracord clasps (need 4, sold in sets of 4), paracord, upholstery needles and embroidery thread.

Step 3: Hit the Pharmacy Isles for This Stuff.

I got the first aid kit from my local grocery store cheaper than wally world. Don't forget stuff like aspirin, ibuprofen and Tylenol. All 3.

Step 4: Now for the Packs.

Attach clasps to top of waist pack as well as bottom of back pack using some paracord and sew the knots with the embroidery thread doubled.

Step 5: Take a Trip to Your Local Harbor Freight for Some Essentials.

pepper spray, hatchet, gloves, scissors, machete, magnesium starter, miners light.

Step 6: Surplus Store Time.

Grab yourself some light sticks - 6 (yellow is easier to read by and produces best light), parachord (100' mil-spec), fleece balaclava and a camping stove (not pictured here).

Step 7: Tarp and Spikes

I got tent spikes, 9 from Wal-Mart and a blue tarp 7x9 from H.F. for cheap.

Step 8: Let's Organize All This Stuff Into Ziploc Bags. Medical, Fire, Fishing/hunting. Etc...

Step 9: Keep Up With the Dates.

Keep up with the dates on your meds and other dated items. You must always keep your bag up to date.

Step 10: Pack That Bag!

Pack that bag with thermal socks(3-4 pair), long johns, briefs, personal hygiene supplies, pants, shirts, 1 pair extra shoes and double check everything. Good luck and always keep your bugout bag with you.