Introduction: Build a Disc Brake Utility Hatchet

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This build came about as I was going through my shop and looking at some random parts. I figure the bike brake is pretty good steel and will hold a nice edge. I found some other parts and leather to really make this a nice project. Enjoy

I also made a carving knife set with other parts of the disc brake, check it out here!

Step 1: Round Up Your Parts and Tools

For this build I can't give an exact parts list, I kinda threw together some odds and ends I had laying around. But I will give a quick run down. I put the back spike and cap to add weight. The thin metal from the brake is pretty light. Parts: used bike disc brake, wood for the handle (I used diamond willow), 1/2 or bigger steel round rod, steel cap, leather, paint & primer. Tools; band saw, grinder, belt sander, leather working tools

Step 2: Cut and Fit

Get your parts together and figure out exactly how you want it to look and function. Trace out the blade. Using a grinder or band saw cut out the blade and shape other materials. * be sure to have water handy to quench the hot steel. Do not over heat* use your safety gear!

Step 3: Prep and Paint

Sand the metal parts, prime and paint

Step 4: Leather

Gather some leather strips and stamp a design into it, this will form the handle. I also cut some black strips for the top and bottom of the handle. I also cut some super thin strips to tie down the blade and spike.

Step 5: Finish Up

This would be a good time to gather all of your parts. Sharpen the blade. Install the blade, spike and cap with the thin leather strip. You may need to use epoxy to hold things in place, but I did not. Do any wood finish you want here as well.

Step 6: Bonus: Sheath

I built a quick and simple leather sheath with snaps and rivets. I won't go over the details but I think the picture explains it well.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

It's sharp! I chopped some small branches and wood and it held up perfectly. The steel hold a good edge. My only major concern is the top hole in the blade creating a dent or wearing away. Thanks for looking!

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