Introduction: Build a Quail Hutch

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Step 1: Cut Up the Parts

I started with 2 treated 2”x8”x8'.
2- rips on the table saw of 2" for the base frame.
6- rips at 3/4" for the sides and top frames(Or you could use 1x2).

Step 2: Glue Up the Panels

I used a biscuit joiner and #10 biscuits.

Step 3: Add Wire and Plywood

1/2" hardware cloth(1/2"x1/2" spaced wire). 1/2" Staples with air gun. 3/8 plywood. (About 1/2 sheet)

Step 4: Screw the Panels Together

Drill pilot holes through rails to prevent splitting. 3" screws down into base and 2" to connect at the corners.

Step 5: And There You Have It!

Add a door(this was a scrap of 1" wood panel). Hinges on the front to allow access and cleaning. I added a 40w light bulb for some heat. These ones were only 3-4 week old and it gets cold at night.

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