Introduction: Build a Three Hole Washers Board Game

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My girlfriends grandparents are part of the elks lodge, they play this game a lot. They say that this game was created by the lodge; I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. I AM NOT THE ONE WHO INVENTED IT (just want to make that clear). Any ways, I have played this with a few friends and family, I really enjoyed it. So my brother in law and I decided to build our own sets, this is how we did it, enjoy.

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The score keeper that goes with this board can be found here


Stand on leading edge (end rope is attached) of game board for tosses. Foot may not extend over edge of the game board.

Holes count 1 point for nearest, 3 points for middle and 5 points for furthest.

Each competitor pitches three - three inch washers per turn.
(i.e., one competitor pitches three washers and then the other competitor pitches three)

Turn determined by last competitor to score.
(i.e., even if the last person to toss scores zero, but cancels points scored by competitor in that round.)

Score can be cancelled by pitching a washer into the same hole as competitor. Opposing washers zero one another.
(i.e., competitor one scores a 1 and two 3s, competitor two scores a 1, a 3 and a 5.
Result: Competitor one gets 3 points, competitor two gets five points)

First competitor to score exactly 21 points wins the game.
If both competitors tie at 21 in same round, then the game restarts at 11 each.

If a competitor scores over 21 then subtract score from last point total.
(i.e., current score 18, scores 3 for 21 but scores a second washer counting 5 which equals 26. Add both washers and subtract from 18 = 10)

If you make all three washer in the same hole on your turn you automatically win the game.

Step 1: The Goods

The build is pretty simple and straight forward, here is what you need.


  • 24 feet of 2x4
  • 45 inches of 3/4"x3"
  • sheet of plywood cut to 16"x48" (two of these)
  • 4" ABS pipe
  • outdoor carpet
  • eye screws or tie down rings
  • rope or chain
  • 3" drywall screws
  • 1 1/8" drywall screws
  • spray adhesive
  • 3" washers (6)
  • wood glue
  • cheap 1"x2"(3-4 feet)

  • Table saw
  • drill
  • 4" hole saw
  • staple/ nail gun
  • razor blade
  • tape measure


Step 2: Step One

NOTE- We made two sets of these but this instructable is for one set.

  1. Measure and cut your two 48"x16" frames out
  2. drill pilot holes in the ends
  3. use 3" screws and put the frame together
  4. cut your ABS pipe into six 3" (measure the depth of yours to double check) parts
  5. Measure and drill 4" holes on the plywood at 14", 28" and 40" on center
  6. Dont use a harbor freight drill to drill these holes, it will die a horrible death.

Step 3: Step Two

  1. cut the cheap 1"x2" to around 2" chunks
  2. align the 4" pipe with the hole on the plywood
  3. with wood glue, use three 1"x2" chunks and secure them around the ABS with a brad nail gun or staples
  4. do this for all of the holes
  5. attach the 3" board to the bottom of the 2"x4" framecarefully, using 1 1/8" screws, secure the plywood to the 2"x4" frame

  6. cut six 2"x4" chunks slightly shorter than your ABS pipe and screw them in, in between your pipe. 

Step 4: Step Three

  1. Measure and cut the carpeting out
  2.  using the spray adhesive, apply to both the plywood and bottom of the carpet and wait 10 min to get tacky
  3.  carefully join the carpet and plywood and apply pressure to get good adhesion
  4.  using a staple gun, staple the carpet to the side of the frame
  5.  cut away the carpet covering the holes in the board

Step 5: Step Four

  1. measure out the 8" of rope (leave a little extra so you can tie)
  2. melt the ends so the do not fray
  3. attach the eye screw or D ring to the frame (in the center)
  4. tie rope off at 8'

You might also want to make three of the washers different than the other washers. you can use paint, I just drilled a small hole in three of them

Thats it, it's a super fun game any one can enjoy. I will also be making an instructable on the score keeper and washer holder I made so stay tuned!
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