Introduction: Build a Three Hole Washers Score Keeper

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This is a great way to store the washers and keep score for the washer game I made an instructable on earlier. It can be found here

Enjoy and as always, please rat/ vote as you see fit. Thank you!

Step 1: The Stuff


  • 1/4" hard wood
  • scrap leather
  • golf tee (2)
  • button and snap set
  • leather strips
  • wood finish
  • wood glue
  • small screws
  • contact cement


  • table saw
  • band saw
  • belt sander
  • drill press
  • wood burner
  • scissors

Step 2: Step One

  1. cut out a 10" length of hard wood
  2. cut 1/4"x8" strips of hard wood for the sides
  3. cut a bottom part as well
  4. trim golf tees
  5. measure and number the board
  6. with a drill press, drill holes next to the numbers.

Step 3: Step Two

This part is a blast! that is, If you enjoy hand cramps
  1. Trace out the numbers with your wood burning kit
  2. take your time, if you mess up you can not erase it!

Step 4: Step Three

  1. Glue and clamp your side and bottom to the board
  2. use washers inside to make sure it is spaced right
  3. after the glue dries, sand smooth on a belt sander
  4. stain and finish the wood
  5. If you wish to add colors to the different teams side do that now and paint the pegs (golf tees)
  6. drill pilot holes to screw the leather in

Step 5: Step Four

  1. cut leather to size
  2. punch hole where the button will sit
  3. attach button
  4. apply contact cement to the wood edges and leather
  5. after it is tacky carefully join the wood and leather
  6. put the small screws in the holes you drilled on the sides and bottom
  7. pull threw the leather strip in the top to secure the top flap and act as a carrying handle
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