Introduction: DIY Build BB-8 in India || Android Controlled and Talkative || Life-size

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This Project is about how to build a working, life-sized, Talkative , arduino-controlled Starwars BB-8 droid. we are only going to use household materials and a little Arduino circuitry.

In this we are using Old news paper , Foam board , Piece of wood , PVC pipe etc.

Description :-
BB-8 is a spherical robot with a free-moving domed head. He is white, with orange and silver accents and a black optical lens on its headpiece. In this film, he has a very important mission that he has to accomplish and so he uses his personality, his coyness.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

BB-8 's Body :-

  • Beach Ball (Diameter: 50cm)
  • Old News paper
  • Fevicol or PVA glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Canvas Cloth
  • Wood putty or Acrylic Wall Putty
  • Fine Sand Paper
  • White Spray Paint
  • Black ,Grey and Orange Oil Paint

BB-8 's Head :-

  1. Foam Board

Robotics & Electronics :-

  • Arduino Uno
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • 2 X Johnson Side Shaft High Torque Geared Motor 300 RPM
  • L293D ic
  • 12v Battery
  • Connection wire

Other Materials :-

  • Wood Piece
  • 8 X Small caster wheel
  • PVC pipe
  • Neodymium magnets
  • A Transparent Tape

Step 2: Inflate the Beach Ball

Pump enough air until you reach the maximum diameter of your beach ball (50cm).

Step 3: Prepare the Mixture

Mix the Two Part of Glue and One Part of water .

I have used Fevicol , If you not able to Found that then you can Use Other PVA glue.

Step 4: Cut Some Newspaper Strips

Grab a Bunch of Newspaper and cut some equal size Strips.

Step 5: Make the Paper Mache

Lay strips of newspaper on the surface of the beach ball and brush them with your mixture of glue. We're basically making a huge piñata. We're going to use the beach ball as our mold for the paper mache.

You have to cover the ball by 4-5 Layer of Newspaper.

Now, Leave it to dry. you can use hair dryer of fan.

Step 6: Cover by Canvas

Once the Newspaper layer is dry .

Now , time to cover by canvas .

Cut some canvas Strips repeat the Process as Newspaper.

Remember there is no overlapping Layer .

Cover it by Two canvas layer.

Now , Again Leave it to be dry.

Step 7: Apply Putty on BB8's Body

Now, Apply Some Putty on the ball. Use an metal applicator to do the job. The putty fills in the gaps. Any excess putty will be removed after the sanding process.

Step 8: Sand BB8's Body

Once the putty dries. Sand the surface of ball .

you can use electric sander for the job.

Step 9: Let's Paint the BB-8's Body

Now , it's time to paint the bb-8's body.

Firstly Spray Some White Paint .

Draw Some detail on bb-8's body then paint it by oil paint.

painting by hand is easy and accurate as compare to spray paint.

Step 10: Cut Body in Half

After , painting it's time to cut the ball in Half by hack saw.

Remember that , the ball should be cut at the center and do this job carefully .

after , cutting Remove the beach ball.

Step 11: Let's Make the BB8's Head

Take some foam board and cut some circles.

Now, glue them like pyramid as given in picture.

Remember that the last circle should be of 30cm.

Now , take a fine sand paper and sand the pyramid like ball.

now make some small foam board eye and antenna and glue them.

Step 12: Paint the Head

Use again oil paint to paint the head of bb-8.

draw outline from the marker .

Step 13: Cut Some Wood

Now , cut some wood board in circle

and make some cut for the motor.

Step 14: Add Motor and Caster Wheel

Fit the motor in the gap of wood circle .

Add two caster wheel as shown in picture .

Now, put the Board in half ball and make sure the caster wheel are touching the ball.

Step 15: Upload the Program

Download and Extract the folder.

Connect your Arduino Uno to Pc and upload The program.

mirror link :-

Step 16: Connect the Circuit

here is the two circuit are given .

connect first Bluetooth module as given, after that connect the motors via L293D.

make sure the L293D are connected correctly.

Step 17: Download the Android App

download the android app from here.

  • Now , Open the app
  • Click on connect
  • Select the name of bluetooth module.
  • when it connected the red dot change in to green.

Step 18: ​Mechanism for Head

Measure and Cut a PVC pipe that will be fit in to the center of wooden Base.

Make a Triangle that are fitted on the top of the PVC pipe.

Glue the Caster Wheel and Neodymium Magnet as Shown in Picture .

Make another Triangle for Head and Glue the Caster Wheel and Magnet as the Picture .

Add the Bluetooth Speaker for Sound .

Step 19: Final Step

Put the Whole Mechanism in The Half Ball and Cover it by Other Half Ball.

Now , Seal it by Transparent Tape .

finally Put the Head on the top .....

Now it is Ready.....

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