Introduction: Bluetooth Robot... Fast, Cheap and Reusable

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*Updated 2011-01-03: Added an additional video that demonstrates the EZ-Builder software.

This robot is the best platform at getting started in custom robotics. The parts used in this build, and the knowledge you learn can take you deeper into the robotics world! The EZ-B and EZ-Builder software will start you off nice and easy. There is plenty of room to grow with the EZ-B as your software and hardware solution. It won't take much to build impressive robotics to impress your family and friends.

I've received many questions on how to start getting into robotics... People see my completed projects and think it is too difficult for them. Well this instructable is going to change all that!

Building this robot with the EZ-B board and the free software will get you started onto bigger and better things. The parts from this robot can be recycled to use in your future projects.

1 x EZ-B Board

EZ-Builder Software

1 x Tamiya Bulldozer Kit

2 x modified gws servos for drivetrain

1 x gws servos for head

1 x sharp gp2d05 distance sensor

1 x battery pack

- Hot Glue Gun
- Flat head Screwdriver
- Small Side Cutters

The video will show in detail how each step is taken. It might be best to watch the video before executing the photo steps.

Assembly Video

EZ-Builder Demo Video 

Step 1: Assemble Bulldozer

Put the bulldozer together by combing my video instructions and the directions in the box.

Don't go any further then i have demonstrated.

Step 2: Modify Wheel

The wheel needs to be modified to fit the servo.

You will need to modify the wheel by cutting out the inner axel support. Then use a flat head screw driver to carefully pick away any petruding peices. Make the surface nice and flat.

When you purchase a servo, it will come with various fittings. Find the fitting closest to the size as I demonstrated, and modify it to fit inside the wheel.

Insert the servo fitting inside the wheel that you have modified.

Do this for two wheels.

Put wheel on servo.

If you are lost, watch the video.

Step 3: Fit the Servo and Glue

Assemble the tractor tread and temporarily fit the servo. Hold it with your finger to align it correctly.

It may help to use a Marker to mark the fitting position.

Use a Hot Glue Gun to secure the servo to the frame.

Step 4: Head Peice

Attach the Standard Servo to the front of the tractor chassis by a glue gun, and then a twist tie.

Glue the Sharp IR Distance Sensor to an appropiate servo fitting.

Check video if you need help.

Step 5: EZ-Builder

Download the EZ-Builder software for free from

1) Install the EZ-Builder Software

2) Run the EZ- Builder Software

3) Add a Communication Control

4) Add a Movement Control

5) Add a Horizontal Servo Control

6) Click the connect button

7) Use the movement panel and servo panel to control your robot.

There are many other Controls available in the EZ-Builder software package. Such as Radar Scanner and Scripting.

Voila! :)