Introduction: Build Kiteman's Shed!

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Yes, you can build you own scale model of my semi-famous workspace. If it is well-received, I plan to edit the Instructable to include the furniture as well.

Thanks also to Bumpus, who added a three-dimensional Kiteman more quickly than sanity allows.

Step 1: The Net

First thing you need is the net.

I measured up the shed, and divided all the measurements by thirty to make the net fit on a sheet of A4. The scale is, then, 1:30 (which means that, if I emptied my shed, I could fit 27,000 of these models into the real shed).

I drew it up in CorelDraw, saved it as a PDF, then copied and pasted into Photoshop Elements to add a woodgrain effect to the appropriate panels.

The various resultant files are presented with this step. Print them out on normal paper or light card-stock.

You will also need scissors, glue, a sharp craft knife and a metal ruler.

Step 2: Construction.

Cut out the net, crease along the edges of the panels and tabs, then use the craft knife to cut along three sides of the door.

You could cut out the window if you want, but I'm not adding furniture yet, so there didn't seem to be much point.

When you have cut it all out, a black marker can vastly improve the appearance of edges and joins if you draw along the cut edges.

Glue the side tabs, and stick the body of the shed together.

Glue the three top tabs, then gently but firmly press the roof down - you may need to reach in through the door with a pencil or skinny finger to press tabs against the roof.

Now, squat down level with your workspace, squint, and imagine a tiny paper Kiteman, working away inside your tiny paper shed...

Step 3: Things People Add...

OK, the project is taking off already - Bumpus has created a small net of, well, me.

It's a PDF file, with only one of me on it (could there be any more?) - cut it out, glue it together and there I am, no need to imagine!

A few seconds' hacking with a scalpel, and I can even look out the window (if you want to try this, cut the window out before you put the model together!).

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