Building a Working LEGO V8 and I3 Pneumatic Engines



Introduction: Building a Working LEGO V8 and I3 Pneumatic Engines

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Back in 2014 i came across the Youtube channel of Alex Zorko. He made from lego working pneumatic engines. I was so impressed i tried it myself. I started in co-operation with OOOONeoGamerOOOO to build an inline 3 and v8. There are many design out there but i tried replicating the ones from Alex Zorko because they are the best designed. I recommend trying a simple one first like this one:

Step 1: The I3 and V8

The inline 3 and v8 are made only using the pictures and videos online. Alex sells these engine so i cannot publish the internals. You can buy your own at The first ones used only original lego pieces. While it worked it was very slow and a lot of air leaking. Up to 6 bars was possible. Any higher and the tubing popped of.

A video of the my v8 back in 2014:

You can find a lot more design on YouTube. These two are worth checking:

Step 2: Building Your Own Pneumatic Engine

Alex Zorko has published 7 videos to help you build your own high performance engine:

Step 3: The Reward

Building your own engine was very rewarding to me. I learned a lot about timing and design principles. And the best is these engines are powerfull enough to be used in lego cars. For example this mustang:

At the moment i am in the process of building my own copy of the mustang but it is very difficult because i don't want to modify any more lego pieces. Also the tubing deteriorated of my v8 so i have to make some new ones.

I'm looking forward to see more lego engines! Happy building. :)

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