Introduction: Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker

In this video we will be building our very own bluetooth speaker. We will be using a bluetooth amplifier and some 4" speakers along with a nice 5" subwoofer. This will be inside of a custom made MDF box. We will be adding some 3D printed parts for additional function.

4" Speakers

5" Sub Woofer

Audio 50W x 2 100W x 1 Bluetooth Class D power Amp

DC Barrel Connectors

24V Power Supply

Black Carpet

777 Spray Glue

Repo for drawings


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Step 1: Cut Out Pieces

First you will need to cut out the different pieces using a table saw.

Please make sure you observe all safety rules when using power saw equipment!!

If you would like drawings for the dimensions please check out my git hub:

Step 2: Now We Will Need to Assemble

Now you will just need to assemble the different sides. I like using a finish nailer to nail all the sides together while using wood glue to help the bond.

Step 3: Now We Need to Draw the Circles for the Speakers

We will need to use a compass to draw the circles to cut out the speakers. I used my Dremel tool with the router attachment and bit to cut out these circles.

Step 4: Now to Seal the Box

Now that the box is fully assembled we now need to seal it up . Using simple Silicone caulking on the inside of the speaker box and seal up all cracks where the different pieces meet. Use your finger to spread the caulking and seal up the seems.

Step 5: Now We Will Need to Begin Carpeting

You will need to use a spray adhesive and some felt carpet to carpet the box. You need to wrap it up like a present and use a razor knife with straight edge to trim carpet to fit. Please check out the video at the end of this instructable to see exact form of cutting the carpet to fit without lumps.

Step 6: Now We Will Need to Wire Things

We will need to wire up the amplifier and the speakers. Make sure to put positive to positive and negative to negative. Connect the two small 4" speakers to the left and right ports and the larger 5" speaker sub to the subwoofer port. Then attach the bezel via the included hardware for the amplifier board.

Step 7: Finish

Please check out the video on this for detailed information.