Introduction: Build Your Own Slosh Tube

A slosh tube is a large PVC pipe filled with water and capped on the ends. It's a low tech piece of exercise equipment, it is however an effective workout tool. Best of all, you can build one yourself for about $25.

Step 1: You Will Need . . .

Although there are variants to the construction of a Slosh Tube, this is the way I made my own.
For the "Pillar of pain" you will need the following, most of which can be purchased at the local hardware store:

4" x 10' PVC solid sewer pipe
4" PVC end caps (x2 for each end of the pipe; there are variants to what type of end cap that can be used)
Black Tape
PVC cement (make sure if you are using PVC use PVC cement; for ABS use ABS cement)

Measuring Tape
Waterproof permanent Marker
Sharp knife/blade

Step 2: Cut . ..

With your Hacksaw cut off about 4" from the side that has the 'raised lip' if your pipe has one.

Step 3: Remove . ..

Use the sharp knife/blade to remove the burrs left on the end after cutting with the hacksaw. wipe clean.

Step 4: Measure & Mark . ..

Measure from one end to the exact centre of the pipe. Mark the exact centre. Please, unlike myself, make your line is straight. ;-)

Step 5: Tape . ..

Where the mark has been made stick some black tape to mark the centre of the pipe.

Step 6: Seal, Fill, Seal . ..

- Make sure there are NO burrs and the end is clean before using cement.

*You can use PVC primer before using the cement; I didn't use it for this tube but I've had better results using the PVC Primer

- use PVC cement to glue one end cap on.

- wait about 5 mins. to allow for curing/drying of glue.

- Fill the tube about half full of water (depending in how heavy you want the tube.)

- Make sure there are NO burrs and the end is clean before using cement.

- use PVC cement to glue the other end cap on.

Enjoy your slosh tube!!