Introduction: Build a 5 Foot Garden Box

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You can build an above ground garden box out of all sorts of things. This project can be used as a container pond or a garden box, and was made out of old closet doors.  If I can do this so can you!

Step 1: Storage Closet Doors

I had an old storage closet that I turned into a pond.

The project turned out pretty nice, but then I thought...
What do I do with the doors?

Step 2: Supplies Needed

All I needed was a power drill and some screws.

4 mil. or 6 mil. black plastic sheeting or tarp (found at Lowe's or Home Depot).

A utility knife

A pair of scissors

Step 3: Hardware

8 Corner braces.

4 Straight braces for added support.

Step 4: Framed Garden Blox

Here is how the frame looked when it was all put together.
The frame is 5' 4" long by 2' 8" wide.

This can be used as a garden box or an above ground container pond. I chose to make mine into an above ground container pond.

Step 5: In 1 Hour I Had a Pond!

Here is the end result! It was very easy to make.
The plastic is simply draped inside the pond and over the edge. I could have trimmed off the extra tarp material on the ground, but chose to leave it instead. Then I took extra potted plants and placed them next to the pond on top of the tarp. I only purchased a few pond plants. Others were extra that grew during the season and plants I picked up for free from the community plant swap. My next step is to add fish and a fountain! I would like to see pics of your pond projects too.

Total cost of the project was under $25

Happy Ponding!