Introduction: Build a 5v Usb Charger With an Old Samsung Adapter


I have made a little instructable about how to recycle your old phone charger by transforming it into an universal usb charger.

Really easy and cheap to do.

Step 1: What You Need :

An old charger. (mine is a old samsung charger, not usable with anything but an old samsung mobile phone)

A DC to DC booster unit (it takes 0,1 to 4,9 v and give an output of 5 v) with female USB output. 40 cents.

A Scissor

A soldering iron

Some tape

Step 2: Preparing the Wires

First of all, you need to cut the wire of the charger cause you don't need a lot of wire. Just let around 10 centimeter.

The wire is composed of a small white wire and of nude wire. I have put some tape around the nude wire.

Step 3: Soldering Our Two Elements

Then take the little booster unit and your soldering iron. You just have to solder the white wire to the hole where "in +" is written and the taped wire to the hole where the "in -" is written.

Step 4: Finishing

Your universal adapter is nearly done. Now you need to tape the whole thing to make it solid an unified. On my booster unit i have carefully let the led outside of the tape so I can see it's light when the adapter is plugged in, but it's a choice to make.

Step 5: What You Get in the End.

You are all done now, plug something (a smartphone, a tablet, a battery bank...) in your new charger.

No surprise here, it works perfectly.

Hope it can serve. To me it was a good way to spend some time and to don't throw an old thing, because it can stillbe useful.

Don't hesitate to post comments.